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Fertilization system of circular sprinkler

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Fertilization system of circular sprinkler 

The fertilization system consists of two fertilization tanks and one fertilizer injection pump. The fertilization tank is used for the dilution of fertilizer, which is equipped with inlet solenoid valve, outlet solenoid valve and mixing motor. The fertilizer injection pump injects the fertilizer solution into the main upper hose of the sprinkler at the fixed flow rate. 



Device details 

◎The two fertilization tanks can be alternately fertilized without stopping the machine, which water and fertilizer are balanced, and labor and time can be saved. 

◎Fertilization tank is equipped with mixing motor: each tank capacity is 1500 L, and the power of each mixing motor: 0.75 KW. 

◎Membrane diaphragm metering pump:flow is 600 L/h, while power is 1.1 KW。 

◎ A 7-inch LCD touch screen is equipped for visual operation. 



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