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PV irrigation system

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Product description

PV irrigation system 

In areas with good illumination intensity and long illumination duration, it can solve the problem of local power shortage and make sprinkler irrigation equipment operated in the daytime effective sunshine duration. 

Operating principle: drive the water supply pump and irrigation equipment with the PV power generation system 


Product features 

PV irrigation system


PV power generation system 

The solar array is composed of multiple solar battery assemblies in series-parallel connection to absorb solar radiation energy, which will be converted into electrical energy, so as to provide power supply for the whole system. 


Solar panel 

The solar panel is the most key component of the PV power generation system. The specification & model is DHP60-270, the maximum efficiency of the component can reach 17.2%, the maximum power is 270 W, the maximum power voltage is 31.21 V, the maximum power current is 8.66 A, and the volume is 1.64 m×0.992 m×0.04 m. 

Solar pumping inverter 

The solar pumping inverter controls and adjusts the operation of the system and converts the direct current generated by the solar array into the alternating current, drives the operation of the water supply pump system and the operation of the sprinkler system, adjusts the output frequency in real time according to the variation of sunshine intensity, and realizes the point tracking of maximum power, whose efficiency can achieve 99%. Overvoltage, overload, overheat and no-load running protection are installed internally. 


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