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Pointer-type sprinkler

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Product description

Pointer-type sprinkler 

It is applicable to the large-scale agricultural irrigation. And it is economical, efficient, sturdy and durable, and easy to be operated. A multi-span connecting arm revolves around its fixed center to irrigate the land circularly. Depending on the number and length of the span, the irrigation diameter can reach 1,462 m.



In the process of designing the pointer-type sprinkler, the experts of Huayu Corporation have highlighted three design ideas, i.e., the simplicity of installation, the simplification of operation, and the long service life. Huayu Corporation also attaches great importance to the selection of all parts of the pointer-type sprinkler, so as to ensure that the sprinkler can still meet the use requirements after many years’ service. The function design of the whole system can ensure the normal operation of the system, even when the objective conditions of soil, topography, and climate are very bad. 

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Product features 

Pointer-type sprinkler 



1. Central tower 

It consists of four rigid plate-shaped support bracket legs; the angle of the pointer tower is 108×108; and the structural strength can be increased for all sides. 

The support plate has a large support surface; the horizontal struts can increase stability; hot-dip galvanized parts are adopted for the whole pointer tower parts; double sealing structure to prevent leakage. 

2. Drive tower-wheel stand system 

The support angle of the drive tower is 100×75, which is featured with the function of anti-torsion. Large-size wheelbase; the heights of the two kinds of drive towers can be adjusted optimally when different crops are irrigated by sprinkler; 

Support brackets are used for supporting between wheel tracks; the stability of the machine benefits from the ultra-wide wheelbase; and the allowable ramp can reach 15%. 

3. Mobile tower crane motor 

The high-torque motor is featured with the overheat protection function and is equipped with the enclosed moisture-proof motor, high-efficient spur gear, and shaft seal with the special anti-fouling agent. 

Model: 40:1/ (0.55 KW; 0.75 KW; 0.9 KW; 1.1 KW) 

4. Span structure-truss system 

The main pipe design with two diameters can be widely used in various flow requirements (50-300 m3/h) to optimize and adjust the minimum operating cost; 

5. Sprinkling system 

The elaborate configuration of sprinkler nozzle combination can improve the irrigation uniformity to the greatest extent, so as to increase the water efficiency of irrigation. Low-pressure refractive and rotary sprinkler nozzles, 

and it has a significant wind resistance effect, which can meet the basic irrigation requirements even in windy seasons. 


Configuration specification 



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