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Reel-type sprinkler

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Reel-type sprinkler


◎ The new type of water turbines and gearboxes are energy-efficient, combined with optimized mechanical structure, which improves the performance of the complete machine by 20%.  
◎ The intelligent automatic control function is selected and equipped for precise irrigation, with which the irrigation uniformity is higher. 
◎ The average service life for the complete machine is over 15 years, and the service life of PE pipe is over 10 years. 
◎ The whole series of sprinklers consists of four models, including 65, 75, 85, and 90, with a flow rate of 25-85 m3/h, irrigation PE pipe diameter of 65-110 mm, laid length of 200-450 m, and single machine control area of 200-400 mu.




Spray-gun type
With the method of ultra-long sprinkling range and perfect irrigation uniformity,     
the irrigation is conducted for various high-lever and low-lever crops.

Cantilever type
Low-pressure irrigation of tender crops does not harm the soil and corps, whose control band width can reach 34 m.




Function design

20 years’ professional experience in the design and manufacture of sprinkler and the application of the latest technology bring the best performance-price ratio, and the use of large numbers of common parts standardizes the structure of the equipment.

High-efficient anti-corrosion

Hot-dip galvanized metal parts are adopted for chassis, rotary platform, and even water sprinkling walking bracket and the closing bracket, which provides optimal anti-corrosion protection for metal parts with long service life

Stable reel assembly

Sector plates on the outside and edges of the winding drum are specially designed structure for anti-twisting protection, and all sector plates are firmly welded to the drum body.

Accurate chain transmission

Precise sprocket wheel used for reel transmission ensures the foolproof equipment operation and the long life operation and low maintenance consumption of the drive chain under strong operating forces.

Safe and reliable PE pipe recovery system

It ensures the constant recovery speed of PE pipes, makes them arrange automatically, and stops automatically when the irrigation is completed and when the pipe arrangement fails

Equipment support with anchor pile and jack

Solid anchor pile and jack can quickly and easily fix the sprinkler to ensure the stability of the machine body under the strong working force of irrigation work.




New high-efficient water turbine
Water turbine is a new type of axial-type water turbine with high efficiency and energy saving. With its unusual low-pressure consumption, it creates a new standard of sprinkler saving driving consumption again.
◎The new structure nearly doubles the efficiency of the previous generation of water turbines, which greatly reduces the operating loss. 
◎It can also ensure strong recovery power and high recovery speed at low water flow.
◎The precise integrated control system ensures the uniform precipitation within the sprinkling range.

Sprinkling system
◎Cantilever type truss is made of high-quality structural steel pipe by welding, and quick couplings are used to connect the segments, with which the installation and disassembly are simple and convenient. The length of the truss is 26 meters, and the sprinkling width is 34 meters, as well as #11-#19 Nelson sprinkler nozzles are equipped, which can realize the excellent atomization effect and sprinkling uniformity, and is applicable to the irrigation of tender crops without damage to soil and crops.
◎Equipped with Twin SR101/140 spray gun produced by KOMET Company. With long sprinkling distance and wide selection range of sprinkling angle and nozzle size, the automatic and stable rotary sprinkling can be realized completely without manual intervention. The sprinkling distance can reach 35 - 50 m.

TWIN large spray gun
Designed for modern water-saving irrigation, the sprinkling range, sprinkling uniformity and atomization indication of TWIN SR 101 large spray gun are at the leading level in the world.

Crop-protection balance mechanism
Even on rough ground, the balance mechanism of water sprinkling overhead-traveling crane can automatically adjust and ensure the correct irrigation angle, so as to protect the crops.


Operation performance table

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