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Pre-sales consulting

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Pre-sales consulting and after-sales service and comprehensive solutions !

Project Advisory: Irrigation water resources engineering and technology,With the users to complete the integrated resource management plan( water, energy and manpower, etc.).

Equipment selection: the input-output ratio and the best value for money,According plots characteristics (quantity, water quality, topography, soil,Obstacles, wind, crops, etc.Referring to the GPS data, design the best water, a combinationof cross-body and tail qun configuration.


After sprinkling machine purchase only the first step. For you, at the right time the right amount sprayed key to success is planting. In particular, the amount of water that is in urgent need of a few days, the key moment must not ball dropped. Just a phone call, we are committed to solve them within 24 hours.




Guide user operating


Agriculture is one such personAs long as the users needs, even-25 C for "Snowy ForestWhy fear