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Our values

& Enterprise purpose ——

Honesty and Credit Service


Honesty is the cornerstone and support of building a harmonious development of enterprises. Huayu founds the soul of enterprises with honesty!

Strengthening the construction of honesty and credit is not only the requirement of the society for enterprises, but also the need of enterprises for their own development. We firmly express that "building honesty and credit enterprises requires every enterprise to start from itself, constantly improve and advance, and continue to explore."


Thanksgiving Life


Thanksgiving makes the enterprise have a strong sense of mission, the enterprise has the benefit of customers, staff assistance, social love!

Huayu's decision-makers and Managers express their gratitude for the support and hard work of their employees. They act as an example of gratitude and take a "grateful heart" to do their work steadfastly and realize their ideal and life value with sweat and wisdom, labor achievements and work achievements.


Innovation Value


Agricultural irrigation needs continuous innovation. Innovation is the core competitiveness of enterprises, and also determines the value orientation and attitude of enterprises.

Innovation is the ability of enterprises to stimulate inspiration and vitality. It is also the inexhaustible driving force for the development of Huayu irrigation. It is also a pursuit and value orientation of Huayu values. In the long-term practice, Huayu irrigation has formed its own unique beliefs, tendencies, propositions and attitudes of innovation value.