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Huayu irigation equipment manufacturing Ltd wasfounded in 1997 , and a member of Association of China water conservancy irrigation and drainage enterprises.

The company is Chinas main manufacturing hub for irrigation equipment and had integrated research and development , manufacturing , and operation unit as a whole.


Sprinkler irrigation system

Advanced structural design and technology: Thick hot-dip galvanized stee, Widening V-shaped truss, X-type fixed angle, Reinforcement of the drive tube tower

Drip irrigation system

It has the effect of saving fertilizer, saving labor and higher water saving and increasing yield, and can increase fertilizer efficiency more than twice.

Equipment of Water-saving Irrigation Equipment System
Selection of water sources; water sources include diversion pools or wells, which have the effect of filtering, sediment deposition and branches and leaves. Usually, ditch water with better water qual
Three Backwashing Knowledge of Sprinkler Irrigation Belt
Sprinkler belt is an indispensable device in medium pipeline. It is usually installed at the inlet of pressure relief valve, pressure relief valve, constant water level valve or other equipment to eli
Hose drip irrigation method in Greenhouse
Hose drip irrigation is a water-saving and yield-increasing irrigation technology specially developed for greenhouse production. It belongs to local irrigation, which makes the ground partly wet, with

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Precise measurement of terrain, equipment selection and positioning according to customer needs.

The fastest time to solve customer problems, most areas within 24 hours to arrive at the scene.

Instruct equipment installation and matching, commissioning operation, maintenance, etc.

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